Project Title: Gulf Savannah and Tropical Tablelands Tourism
Small Business Advisory Service, Qld. 2016-2019


Gulf Savannah Development Inc. (GSD), in partnership with Savannah Way Ltd and Tropical Tablelands Tourism, is pleased to advise that our Australian Small Business Advisory Service (ASBAS-NATI) Programme currently has six streams under the Gulf Savannah and Tropical Tablelands Tourism Small Business Advisory Service, Qld initiative. This programme is available to tourism small business operators and intenders in the shires of Burke, Carpentaria, Croydon, Doomadgee, Etheridge, Mornington, Mareeba and Tablelands.

The ASBAS-NATI Programme will deliver one-on-one consultancy services to eligible clients and training sessions across the six tourism streams. Within each of these streams, there are a number of eligible activities as outlined below:

• Funding avenues and financial analysis

  • independent information and guidance on available banking and finance products, how to present finance bids, effective cash flow management processes and financial data interpretation and referrals to accounting advice.


• Building your business

  • Diagnostic assessment of current business operations, followed by business planning advice that meets identified needs
  • Assistance in preparing marketing plans on promotional opportunities and advertising options;
  • guidance on entering new markets and the feasibility of new business ideas, including exporting products or services
  • Referrals to other providers that have specific experience in a given industry or business proposition.


• Making the most of your talent and team

  • Guidance on human resource strategies, including recruitment, employment and occupational health and safety (OH&S) requirements
  • Advisory service meetings and networking opportunities
  • Talent recruitment and retention tools
  • Training programmes to inform tourism small businesses and small business tourism intenders whose products and/or services are or will be used by tourists about significant new regulations and/or relevant Australian Government business initiatives.


• Management capabilities

  • Assistance with creating, reviewing and implementing business plans, assessing and improving supply-chain management, succession planning and creating security over leased premises or intellectual property
  • Assistance to access appropriate legal advice, including on licencing, retail tenancy, intellectual property and credit management.


• Digital engagement implementation

  • Advice and assistance on e-commerce take-up
  • Advice and assistance with information technology and broadband services issues
  • Advice on adopting technology concepts to assist with marketing, managing and growing ideas


• Tourism ready

  • Advice on understanding different tourism markets and the potential of these markets to grow tourism businesses
  • Advice on developing businesses to target the preferences of tourists, including specific Asian markets
  • Advice on marketing products or services to tourists
  • Advice on resources available to improve knowledge on tourism markets;
  • advice about government assistance available to develop or promote businesses to tourists, including the tourism 2020 Strategy


The ASBAS-NATI round is to improve the capacity of established, not-for-profit small business advisory service providers to deliver low cost small business advisory and information services to tourism small businesses and tourism small business intenders in northern Australia, whose products and/or services are, or will be used by tourists. This includes assisting small tourism businesses to apply learnings and modify their business practices to achieve improvements in business confidence, sustainability and/or growth.

Eligible tourism small businesses and intenders can receive up to 20 hours of professional support from our ASBAS-NATI panel of consultants. GSD can link you up with LOW COST one-on-one advice with our consultants, as per the fee schedule:

GSD Staff

Fee Schedule  ~  professional support via a consultant

No charge

$25 per hour (inclusive of GST)

  • Maximum of 20 hours:  this can be used for more than one panel member.
  • After 20 hours under the ASBAS-NATI Programme, it then becomes a private and commercial arrangement between your business and the consultant.

Please register your interest by contacting GSD’s Small Business Officer, Annie Cork,
on or 0437 029 668.